As a new Diamp franchise owner, you will receive a one week training course at our facility in Dunedin, Florida.  As well as a great place to spend a week relaxing in the Florida sun, you will receive training from the professionals that have tested and
Implemented the methods of a successful scanning business.  After your one week training, you will have the tools to needed to immediately start doing business and growing your franchise.  Not only is the methodology and technical phases of scanning covered in your training, but policies/procedures, hiring, quoting and much more.

After your training at our location, we will come to yours.  As your franchising partner, it is important to us to visit on-site and continue training on your equipment and really get a feel for your area.  We will continue with any questions that may be remaining from your initial training sessions and move onto some scenarios that you may encounter as doing business as Diamp.

Diamp Headquarters Training

Headquarters training will cover in brief, the Diamp Operations Manual, and details of how to actually do the technical functions of Diamp.

The following will be covered in Diamp's Headquarters Training:

    An introduction to Diamp
    Review of the Operations Manual
    Equipment Selection
    Hardware descriptions/explanations
    Software descriptions/explanations
    Setting up your Diamp
    Services you will be able to offer
    How to scan
    How to troubleshoot
    Administrative functions
    Visiting a prospective client, quoting, selling and follow-up
    Tips and Tricks
    What to expect from up-coming on-site visit
    What to have prepared/completed before our on-site visit

On-Site Training

On-site training will be conducted using a franchisees equipment and software actually onsite.  This gives Diamp Network LLC an opportunity to ensure the integrity of the network hardware and software.  Customer scenarios will be delivered; franchisees will be shown how to perform the various scenarios on their equipment and software.  On-site training will give you details relevant to your hardware and software.

Ongoing Training and Support

Diamp Network LLC will visit new franchisees as required to ensure all is well within the new Diamp franchise, and then perhaps depending on the number of franchisees monthly or quarterly visits.  Diamp will continue ongoing training and support and provide technical support any time a Diamp franchisee needs assistance to perform a new job.  In other words, support continues, new and improved training, and best practices will be ongoing.


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