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Welcome to Our Network
Thank you for your interest in a Diamp Franchise.  Diamp first opened its doors in September, 2001 and has steadily increased capabilities and clients.  From our inception, we have based our business decisions on our past experiences, research and with the knowledge that we would grow into the nation’s finest service provider for content management.  Achieving this goal meant creating a network of like minded, motivated professionals who could join us in this effort.  We will achieve this through our network of franchises and support from Diamp Network LLC. 

Diamp’s unique franchise opportunity is waiting for you.  A Diamp franchise offers a professional, yet relaxed, atmosphere with flexible hours in a fun and challenging environment.  Our industry is growing and we have only seen the beginning!  From our comprehensive training, continued franchise support, and the latest research on equipment, Diamp Network LLC will be there to help you achieve your goals.  If you just want to get out of the corporate office environment or achieve more personal freedom, please take some time to read over our information and feel free to contact us for more information.

About Us
Diamp is an acronym for “Digital Imaging and Management Professionals”.
Simply, Diamp is a service provider for all your Content Management requirements and other related services.  In other words we solve problems with valid solutions to help you better manage and control your business documents with cost control instead of out of control.
Diamp Incorporated in June of 2001 as a father and son operated business.
Diamp has enjoyed steady growth through customer satisfaction, referrals and now through our Network of Franchisees.
Our original office is still located on Main Street in Dunedin, Florida and we would enjoy having you stop in or contact us for all your Content Management Requirements.

Company Summary
Diamp's basic service is converting paper files to digital images, for faster, easier, less expensive storage, access, and maintenance.  We call the core business Electronic File Storage, or EFS.  EFS is the conversion of paper documents to a digital image known as PDF's or other file types.  (PDF files cannot be changed by normal word processing; thus, an EFS image is an exact, permanent copy of the original document).  This images are stored on encrypted hard drives and on a common compact disc.  Typically, EFS files and or pages are indexed, in order to make them instantly accessible within clients' information systems, using keywords in a file name and Metadata.  Metadata tracks important information regarding the file creation and modification along with other useful content.

Company History
Diamp, Inc. (Digital Imaging and Management Professionals) was incorporated in June, 2001, and opened for business September 1, 2001.  From the beginning, Diamp was established with the vision of expanding through franchising.  This vision has been reflected in our business decisions, even in our name, which broadly describes our current services and those evolving as technology and the needs of our customers change.  We are well positioned to expand and grow as the market requires through our Franchise Network of dedicated Professionals.

Our Goals and Vision

    • Quality customer service and products.
    • Providing a quality product in a timely manner.
    • We review and obtain the latest technology for our customers.
    • We stay ahead of advancements in technology through training and testing.
    • Deliver solutions to all that require Content Management and other related services.
    • Make the complex and difficult simple and easy.
    • Reduce customer’s cost through better Document Management.
    • Include services as our customer needs require and technology evolves.
    • Every order is subjected to quality and review checks.
    • Accomplish our goals and vision through customer satisfaction and our network of franchises

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