Site Selection

Possibly the biggest advantage for Diamp owners is the flexibility we have in deciding where your office is located.  With no special build out required, a range of configurations are available and in as little as a 1000 square feet. You can locate almost anywhere.  With most newly acquired space, expensive and sometimes lengthy build-out is required.  Not with Diamp!  We will help you configure your space, whatever the space, to maximize the existing shell of your office for maximum efficiency without the costly build-out.  With our modular workstations, move in will take days not weeks or months.  Professional looking and ergonomic, your workstations can change configurations as your business changes and grows.  We will give you a full list of approved counters and desks so when you grow and expand, additional cabinetry is at your fingertips.                     

We welcome any walk-in business but your success does not depend on retail customers.  We will help you with your final decision on where to locate by researching the area and evaluate its potential.  Your site location needs to be professional in appearance and safe for your employees and clients.  Your success is not dependant on your location as it is with many other Franchises.

We encourage walk-in business, however your Diamp does not depend on walk-in retail customers so you will have more flexibility in choosing your site location.  The area needs to be secure and safe for your employees and clients and professional in its appearance.  After a couple of sites have been located, we will analyze its potential and give you are recommendation.  A typical Diamp store will have anywhere from 1000 to 2000 square feet and in any shape.  One of the great attributes of a Diamp office is that there is very little to no expensive build-out or build-up required.  We will help you design your space for maximum efficiency and minimal wasted space.  Your counters will be modular allowing you to adjust your layout as your business changes and grows.

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