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Digital Imaging and Management Services Firm Offers Franchise Opportunity

DIAMP Solution Addresses Vast Need to Turn Organizations’ Paper into Digitized Images


Dunedin, Fla.: Digital Imaging and Management Professionals, or DIAMP Network LLC, is offering franchise opportunities in 28 states, to individuals looking to quickly enter the fast-growing market for digital imaging and management services.


Regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, coupled with the high cost of storing cabinets full of paper, are encouraging businesses, government agencies and individuals, to digitize their documentation. In addition to dramatically slashing storage costs and enhancing document security, digitization creates easily searchable information, delivering immediately improved productivity.


“Our primary business is converting paper into digitized images,” said Kenneth Age, president and founder of the 7-year-old company. “We scan the papers, index them and destroy the original paperwork at clients’ requests.”


Because of its service-oriented nature, DIAMP franchisees do not need a high traffic location to ensure success as most business is generated by direct marketing, sales initiatives, word-of-mouth and references. DIAMP also has a generous lead-generation program, sales and marketing collateral and national ad campaigns.


DIAMP franchise owners can enjoy flexible schedules since the business generally runs on an appointment basis.


“Employees often can make their own hours, too, making it an attractive position for many individuals who are attending school, are caring for children or parents, or who are seeking additional income. It’s a strong fit for many people, both as an owner and as an employee.”


DIAMP’s digitization features proven technologies that work efficiently and accurately. Whether documents are high quality or old, poorly kept family paperwork, DIAMP’s solution transforms the original papers into crisp, digital copy. Rates – which are up to each franchise – range, depending on the amount and level of services customers require.


“We are removing the pain and agony of making financial mistakes associated with picking the wrong technologies,” said Age. “A lot of time a franchisee has a lot of build-out when they start out. We have minimal build-out. They can open and operate in three months. All they have to do is find a suitable space to begin with – and we’ll help them with that task.


Franchisees may either buy from a select group of approved vendors or purchase a solution directly from DIAMP, he said. “If they buy the major hardware and software from DIAMP we will also install it and set it up for them as a turn-key solution,” said Age. “We also provide training – at our headquarters and follow-up training at the franchisee’s site which includes proficiency scenarios on their equipment and software.


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