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Why Buy A Diamp Franchise?

There are thousands of franchises to pick from. Typically, one thinks first of some kind of food operation. While food franchises are very common, they come with drawbacks. These include extreme competition, multiple regulations, long operating hours, expensive equipment, and somewhat complex employee training and supervision. The success usually depends on Location/Location/Location and we all know that many times after selecting an ideal location the ideal site might change over time to an un-desirable location rendering your food franchise unacceptable to the general public which you depend on.

The following are reasons why Diamp is a highly desirable franchise opportunity:

Unique - Diamp is a new concept in franchising, and comes with proven success! As a franchisee of Diamp, your business is part of the leading edge of the technological revolution. As the world turns increasingly toward a "paperless society." Diamp is uniquely positioned to grow from this inevitable cultural wave. The time is now and your opportunities are unlimited but your opportunity to earn a Diamp franchise is limited.

Manageability/Flexibility - Diamp is an eminently manageable business. As a Diamp owner, you determine your business hours. You can decide to be open during normal business hours five days a week. However, you have the flexibility to come in early, take off early, or work late. You work when you want to as required by your work load. You manage your work flow. You don't have people walking in your door demanding service at any given moment - you are in control! Your employees enjoy working in a flex-hours environment. This business is well-suited to flexible days and flexible hours!

Profitability - You are buying into proven success. You are benefiting from the research and learning curve of the originator saving you the expense of trial and error. Employees are readily available, easily and quickly trained. It's a win-win situation!

Owning and operating this business provides you and your employees the flexibility and freedom to provide your customers with a valuable service while allowing for personal time for family, hobbies, and other interests.

Low entry cost - Minimal capital required for work site, equipment, and inventory. Again, you benefit from the experience of the originator!

Company Summary

Diamp's basic service is converting paper files to digital images, for faster, easier, less expensive storage, access, and maintenance. We call the core business Electronic File Storage, or EFS. EFS is conversion of paper documents to a digital image known as PDF's or other file types. (PDF files cannot be changed by normal word processing; thus, an EFS image is an exact, permanent copy of the original document). This image is stored in a relatively infinitesimal space on computer encrypted hard drives and on a common compact disc. Typically, EFS files and pages are indexed, in order to make them instantly accessible within clients' information systems, using keywords in a file name and Metadata.

Company History

Diamp, Inc. (Digital Imaging and Management Professionals) was incorporated in June, 2001, and opened for business September 1, 2001 . From the beginning, Diamp was established with the vision of expanding through franchising. This vision has been reflected in our business decisions, even in our name, which broadly describes our current services and those evolving as technology and the needs of our customers change. We are well positioned to expand and grow as the market requires.

Diamp was started because Kenneth Age, the principal founder, realized that he had reached an age and level that probably he was no longer competitive in the workforce marketplace and Mr. Age wanted to have income continuing into his future years. Mr. Age retired from the Bell Telephone System/ Ameritech and has also worked as a project/installation/system team leader for Lucent Technologies. It was time for Mr. Age to fulfill his desire to own and operate a technology business.

First, Mr. Age wanted to create a prototype which would be profitable and provide a useful service to customers. This prototype had to be easy to duplicate, easy to train personnel, and reasonably economical to start. This prototype also had to be relatively simple to operate.

Before Diamp started in 2001, he did research to look for other businesses similar to what he envisioned for Diamp. He knew that if no one else was doing it, there was probably a good reason. During his research, he found a lot of businesses scanning paper and converting them to electronic files. These businesses ranged from 'mom-and-pop' operations to divisions of very large organizations.

The 'mom-and-pop' operations were based on the same idea as Diamp. They had decided to scan paper for a profit. Some had failed, however, hundreds and hundreds were still scanning. This proved that this business can be profitable, therefore a valid one.

Current Status

As the year 2007 is concluding, Diamp has had growth in sales over previous years. The imaging business is always one phone call away from being over production. While the sales cycle for our services is relatively long, the sales are usually very large, thus requires a great deal of time to complete. This business does not require high volume sales, but rather a few large sales, which creates a backlog of work. This backlog of work carries you through the inevitable slow periods while you are working on setting up that next client relationship.


Having successfully completed 6+ years in business, Diamp considered its options:

  • Acquisition of other operating companies/scanning service bureaus
  • Curtain growth
  • Franchise the business
  • Diamp has decided to expand through the power of franchising

Goals for Diamp Network include:

  • Diamp Network will continue its growth through marketing and awards of Diamp Franchises
  • Diamp Network will expand into all 50 states


Diamp Network will continue its policy of updating with the latest technologies available.

Diamp network must continuously consider future technology and future laws which may impact our business, future customer needs, and how to best address these issues.

Diamp Network will become stronger with each franchise awarded, as it continues its quest to service its customers with better, faster, cheaper content management!

Industry, Services, and Markets

When Diamp was conceived, its owners wanted an operation that was easy to manage, did not require excessive hours, and would provide a valuable service for its customers. EFS turned out to be an in-demand service which met these specifications. Maintaining huge volumes of paper files has become a significant problem for organizations - due to the expense, inconvenience, and human resources needed to maintain them. Not only must organizations pay for ever-increasing amounts of storage space; they must also pay staff for time spent on accessing, retrieving and copying the needed files. Often this means taking these people away from their more essential daily functions. These costs are higher than the EFS alternative.

Diamp's clients generally do not have the time or wherewithal to convert their paper files to EFS. Nor do they want to invest in - and learn - a system to solve their file-storage-and-access problems, only to find that they probably will never use that hardware and software to such an extent again. Diamp is mostly a business-to-business service, and in general, Diamp's revenues come largely from commercial and institutional clients.

However, Diamp does cater to individuals who have important papers that need to be protected. Legal documents such as Wills, Insurance Policies, Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Bank Statements, Credit Card information, etc, are prime examples. These documents are scanned, transferred to CDs, and stored in safety deposit boxes (sometimes in multiple locations) in order to protect them from disasters such has fire, hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc.

Diamp's clients include any organization that needs to maintain files for a lengthy period of time. Examples include the areas of law, health, freight handling, insurance, finance, real estate, and many others where record keeping and record-access are essential. Diamp emphasizes scanning for any organization, small, medium, and large. They all will benefit from our services.

Diamp is first, foremost, in every way, a service business. The client's needs are always to be rigorously respected! Perfection is an elusive goal. The nature of materials and information handled by Diamp can be as serious as ‘life and death' to the customer, who has temporarily entrusted them to a Diamp franchise operation. While reasonable working hours is one of our basic principles, accepting a rush or "emergency" job is the right of the individual franchisee. Franchisee can choose whether or not, and under what circumstances and terms they will accept rush and emergency jobs bearing in mind quality is not to be sacrificed.

Potential Scanning Customers

Your potential customers are companies which:

  • Are required by law, company policy, or ethics, to save and maintain documents for a specific period of time
  • Maintain and frequently access paper files at their office locations for timely retrieval of information
  • Currently copy and distribute documents regularly
  • Are looking for a competitive advantage by having a more efficient document management system
  • Currently pay for storage due to a lack of space in their primary location
  • Vertical customer markets:
  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Contractors
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Dental
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal
  • Libraries
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Other

Scanning Projects Suitable

Scanning projects suitable for imaging:

  • Paper documents in storage
  • Paper files located in prime office space
  • Litigation Records
  • Lease documents
  • Medical records
  • Financial's
  • Contracts
  • Wills and trust records
  • Tax records
  • Training manuals
  • Insurance policies
  • Everyone with paper records
Those who:
  • Can't afford to lose documents
  • Need document retention without costly storage
  • Need backup copies
  • Need fast search and retrieval
  • Need to cut costs associated with document handling
  • Need to distribute information in a timely cost-effective way
  • Need to share documents
  • Want to cut down the influx of paper and convert to imaging
  • Want to reduce paper volume
  • Want to maintain and share family photos and memorabilia
  • Other

Strengths and Challenges

Diamp has succeeded in providing digital imaging products and services for over 6 years. We have built the business with many repeat customers and referrals. Diamp has successfully provided its services for clients in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Artists
  • Churches
  • Colleges
  • Court Reporters
  • Department of Defense
  • Elevator Companies
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Non-commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Storage & Media Manufacturing
  • Schools

Our strength lies in:

  • Our network of franchisees
  • Our growth
  • Our ability to be small and flexible enough to react to customer changes and requests
  • Our freedom to branch out and discover new technologies which increase production, thereby providing a better product to our customers. We are not committed or tied to a particular hardware or software company.
  • Our pride in solving customer problems
  • Our specialty in solving unique customer problems


Take the next step with Diamp

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