Diamp Advantages

Why Join Our Network
Whether an individual or a corporation, paper documents are being created that need to be converted to easily accessible, manageable and secure information.  Converting documents to a digital format saves costly storage space, improves customer service and enhances information flow through the workplace.  With every business and individual as a potential customer, the possibilities are limitless.  This is your chance to become more independent, have direct control of your future and at the same time receive the support and guidance of proven business model.  With very low overhead, minimal inventory, professional training, ongoing support in an Industry that is beginning to explode, you can realize your goals.  You can take pride in owning your own professional company that is on the technological cutting edge and contributes solutions to today’s content management problems.  

No experience is necessary and your Diamp can be open in as little as three months!

According to the US Small Business Administration and Arthur Anderson & Company, 60% of independent businesses are no longer operating after 5 years compared to 5% of franchises. 

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